Artist Statement

My paintings and enamel works incorporate my love of the outdoors, nature, and gardening.  Inspiration can come from a trip to the mountains, a visit to the ocean, or a walk through the herb garden right outside my door. I love capturing the beauty, grace and color of the natural world in my oil paintings, watercolors, and enameled wall pieces, plates, bowls,  and jewelry.

My first artistic love was painting and collage, working in both realistic and semi-abstract forms. I see myself in partnership with the viewer, as we explore a closer relationship with the world around us, and I often paint things I discover while hiking, boating, or traveling.

I discovered enameling “by accident” about 15 years ago, and was instantly enamored with the rich colors and variety of effects possible. Since then, I have worked with a number of different enameling techniques, including liquid enamels, cloissone, crackle glazes, etc. Often, the metal is foldformed, cut, hammered and/or textured before enameling. My work reflects a love of reusing resources, as the copper bases for most of my enameled pieces incorporate recycled metal.

I  see my art as a way of sharing my vision of a world full of beauty, lasting quality, and peace.